Presentations (invited=[*])

Peirce Disappears: (Non-)Reception of Peirce as a Philosopher of Science

Deathbed Insights and the Meaning of Life

Theoretical Virtues and the Epistemic Aims of Science: A Unified Approach

Theoretical Virtue in Science and Metaphysics: A Proposal for Naturalized Metaphysics

Explanatory Consistency and Natural Selection: On Nagasawa’s Existential Problem of Systemic Evil

An Armstrongian Defense of Dispositional Monist Accounts of Laws

Avicenna’s Flying Man in Einstein’s Elevator (with F. Fazeli)

Beyond the Insight-Inference Dichotomy: A Unified Interpretation of Peirce’s Theory of Abduction

Abduction – the Context of Discovery + Underdetermination = Inference to the Best Explanation

From Peirce’s Abduction to Lipton’s Inference to the Best Explanation: How Two Historical Developments Fill the Gap

Cognitive Values Are a ‘Collective Pool’: On Douglas’ Theory of Cognitive Values

Some Senses of ‘quam proxime’ in Newton’s Principia